Landing Page development

A landing page is a one-page website designed to induce a visitor to take a specific targeted action, such as buying a product, filling out online forms, or making payment for goods. 

What is the effectiveness of a Landing Page?

A landing page is an efficient and functional single page, which helps sell your products and services and get the desired information from visitors. The main purpose of the landing page is to convert visitors into buyers, regular customers. Such a web product is suitable for almost all types and scales of business and will be a useful tool for the development and promotion of a particular product or service. 

Landing Page  contains the main proposal, urging visitors to take a specific action, such as something to buy, find out information about the product, fill out a questionnaire, subscribe to a mailing list, participate in a survey, etc. 

A landing page can help conduct promotions, build a company's image, collect statistics, get feedback from customers. Visitors come to the landing page directly from search engines or pass on a link from social networks.

Advantages of our Landing Pages

Increase of conversion. Due to the convenient structuring, special chips maximize the conversion of the landing page, and the number of people who do the necessary action when visiting the site increases.
WOW effect. We created a unique UX design of the website to attract the clients' attention and most effectively demonstrate the advantages of the goods or services by focusing the attention on the necessary details.
Necessary functionality on a turnkey basis. Our landing sites can automatically accept orders, increase the sales of products, and communicate with customers and partners.
Effective lead generation. Our landing pages have a variety of function triggers that allow you to create a large customer base and increase the flow of leads in a short time.
Form the USP and call to action. Coming to the landing page, visitors immediately see your unique selling proposition and the incentive to take the necessary action, such as buying a product or ordering services.
Knowing the needs of the target audience. The elements, such as slogan, design, the wording of the call to action, and a color scheme can be developed and formed after analyzing the market and determining the CA where every detail is of significance.
Universal and fast. Our landing pages adapt to the screen resolution of any device and all browsers have a high rate of loading on PageSpeed, open in 1-3 seconds.
Comfortable and convenient. You can easily manage your landing page through the admin panel due to a user-friendly interface and administrative panel designed according to your needs.
Integrative. You can connect any CRM system to the front page, get the necessary statistics, collect the information, add the required features.
Multi Lending and geotargeting. Pages of the site are transformed by requests and the geographical location of the visitor, with all information available in different languages.


Stages of Landing Page development by OwlWeb team

01. Analysis and discussion
02. Prototyping
03. Design
04. Makeup and integration
05. Content
06. Launch

Landing Page functionality from OwlWeb team

  • Multi Lending. Your page can be available in several variants, with different text content and design. 
  • Geotargeting. The page content shown to visitors depends on their location and geolocation. 
  • Quiz-strings, questionnaires. Built-in gamification, interactivity, cling to customers, interest them in products. 
  • Action time counters. Immediately, opening the page, customers see the countdown promotional offer. It works as an incentive to take action. 
  • Travel map. A page can have a handy Google map to help customers find your point of sale or office. 
  • Slide Rotator. It makes visual content more attractive and informative and allows to show more information. 
  • Photo gallery. We can embed a beautiful and colorful gallery on the page promoting the product. 

Design system. Carbon Design System is an innovative system, developed by IBM, which allows you to create harmonic and complete design solutions

Style. Swiss minimal design is the ultimate solution for an online store, which is based on three components: simplicity, objectivity and conciseness.

Prices for Landing Page development on a turnkey basis

від 3000$
from 1.5 months
Laravel + HTML/CSS + JS
від 4500$
from 2 months
Laravel + HTML/CSS + vue.js
від 1000$
from 1 months
WordPress + HTML/CSS + JS


Timing of development is discussed individually

Pricing is reasoned

Detailed technology stack is approved before contracting

Terms of content production are discussed individually

What technologies do we use to make our websites?

Laravel + HTML/CSS + JS
65% of projects
For companies that want to get a high-quality MVP with the prospect of scaling the project
Laravel + HTML/CSS + vue.js
25% of the projects
Development with automation and integration. For companies who have already created an infrastructure for doing business online
WordPress + HTML/CSS + JS
10% of the projects
For companies willing to quickly launch an information portal without extended functionality