Developing an online storefront

Showcase website is an online catalog highlighting products or services and telling customers about their characteristics and advantages. Our team creates spectacular and colorful showcase sites, considering all customer’s wishes and product characteristics. 

What kind of business is suitable for an online showcase?

Online showcase operates on the usual offline store counter principle. It displays products and services so the visitor can view their descriptions and characteristics. This online resource is an excellent opportunity to present your products in a favorable light, as well as to declare themselves. 

The primary purpose of the online showcase is to draw additional attention to your products, business, and company activities. It helps to increase sales and brand awareness. 

The online product presented as a catalog is ideal for different stores, retail outlets, offices, supermarkets, businesses that provide specific services and sell goods offline. Also, the online showcase will be effective for manufacturers of goods, organizing wholesale sales, and finding partners. 

There is no need to confuse a showcase with an online store. Unlike the online store, there is no possibility of online purchase and payment for goods/services in the shop window. Customers can make orders through feedback and specified contacts. 

Advantages of our storefront sites:

Custom design. We create an individual style for every client taking into account the client's wishes and corporate style of business. This design will emphasize all the advantages and features of your brand and increase its recognition.
Individual development. After a detailed analysis of your business, we develop individual technical and software solutions to make the work of your online storefront successful and trouble-free.
Scalability. We don't set any limitations for you. According to your wish, the storefront can be easily transformed into a full online store with further prospects of selling online, connecting to its working services, set up integration with payment systems.
Effective marketing solution. Our specialists will advise how to make your company even more successful. For example, using both a corporate website and a product catalog promotes rapid business development in the market.
Advanced functionality. To improve customers’ interaction with the online catalog, you can embed additional working functions, such as filters, photo galleries, reviews, mailings, a convenient navigation system, etc.
Integrated solutions. We can integrate online storefronts with external services, for example, email newsletters to import user addresses, CRM, online payment (Mastercard API, PayPal), etc. Such interaction with any third-party programs and databases does not affect the website performance and does not slow down the loading of pages.
Multilanguage and regionalization of the site. Depending on the wishes and needs of the customer, we create multilingual storefront sites. Visitors can choose the language comfortable for them to view the catalog. You can adjust the displayed content depending on the country/region of the user’s residence.
High-quality administration of the site. We create an individual user-friendly and highly functional admin panel for each project. You can easily manage and change the information on the site without bringing in administrators.
Stability of the site operation. You can create an unlimited number of pages, categories, and product positions without fear for the sustainability of your resource and page loading speed. It wiil be equally fast.
Mobile-friendly. The finished web page will be correctly displayed on all devices, be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Also, the work of the site will be adapted to any browser, fully open with them.


Stages of web showcase development by OwlWeb team:

01. Brief discussion and analysis
02. Prototyping
03. Design
04. Make-up and integration
05. Content filling
06. Testing and launching

Online storefront features from OwlWeb team:

Provides quick, efficient, and less expensive promotion of your products/services and increases brand awarenes
Visitors can easily see the complete information about your products and compare your products/services with each other.
Makes it more efficient and effective to attract new partners and clients.
Increases trust and loyalty of the target audience to your products/services and the entire brand.
It will motivate visitors to make a purchase and increase interest in your products.

Who will work on your project

Design System. Carbon Design System is an innovative system developed by IBM which allows you to create harmonious and complete designs. 

Style. Swiss minimal design - an excellent solution for a corporate website, based on three components: simplicity, objectivity, and conciseness.


from 3000$ from 1.5 months Laravel + HTML/CSS + JS
from 4500$ from 2 months Laravel + HTML/CSS + vue.js
from 1000$ from 1 months WordPress + HTML/CSS + JS


Timing of development is discussed individually

Pricing is reasoned

Detailed technology stack is approved before contracting

Terms of content production are discussed individually

What technologies do we use to make our websites?

<b style="
    font-weight: 600;
    font-size: 28px;
    line-height: 140%;
">Laravel + HTML/CSS + JS</b>
65% of projects
For companies that want to get a high-quality MVP with the prospect of scaling the project
Laravel + HTML/CSS + vue.js
25% проєктів
Розробка з автоматизаціями та інтеграціями. Для компаній, які вже створили інфраструктуру ведення бізнесу в мережі
<b style="
    font-weight: 600;
    font-size: 28px;
    line-height: 140%;
">Laravel + HTML/CSS + vue.js</b>
25% of the projects
For companies willing to quickly launch an information portal without extended functionality