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Зображення - Розробка UI/UX дизайну сайту від OwlWeb.Team

Author's design. Individual approach. Full staff. Adequate terms.

OwlWeb Team website's design development is an individual approach, it is the design of the interface for business needs. OwlWeb Team is a reliable partner that supports and adheres to all developed standards.

Website design plays a significant role in the campaign's success, making the first impression of the users visiting the web resource, who subconsciously evaluate the company, forming their impression of its products/services considering the visual content.

Stages of website design development:

01. Immersion in business
02. Development of the strategy
03. Approval of the constants
04. Development of sketches.
05. Adaptive. Mobile and tablet designs
06. Approval of the layout

Why businesses need thoughtful UX / UI? Why we?

Design is the calling card of any web product, which can form the opinion and impression of visitors about the company itself. Thoughtful web design provides comfort for the users of the resource, reveals the exclusivity of the product, presents the company in the right way. 

  • UX/UI design provides the formation of logic and structure of user interaction, which will lead to an increase in the value of your product in the eyes of customers. 
  • A well-designed website provides achievement of business goals increasing conversions and the interest of potential customers to your products or services. That is why you should entrust the design of your product to professionals who know their job not on 100, but 1000%!
  • Our designers have a lot of experience and knowledge for creating a cool and attractive design using modern technologies in their work and following the latest trends. 
  • With first-class web design, we can highlight the key points, converting ordinary visitors into your loyal customers, causing them positive emotions and a desire to return. 
  • Modern design involves the use of innovative web technologies and tools. OwlWeb company will use all its potential to achieve the product goal, implement the client's wishes and get the desired result.
Image - from OwlWeb.Team

Design derections we work with:

Web design (UI) — the visual design of meaningful nodes and resource elements.
UX/UI redesign — work on the website/application design to make it intuitive and comfortable for visitors.
UX usability analysis — evaluating customers’ interaction with the website identifying problems encountered by them.
Identity — making visual content for the company to increase its recognition and prestige and create the right image.
Branding — the development and popularization of the company's brand, its corporate identity, and values.
Graphic design — design and artistic activities to create an efficient visual environment on the site.

Кращі проєкти в категорії Дизайну

Technology Stack

Tools without which website design development is impossible in the image ➡️

But here it is worth noting that design can also be based on the use of Design Systems. The Owl Web Team design team develops customized system designs or can use the world's most popular system designs! Here are a few that we managed to master:

  • Design development based on Material Design by Google
  • Atlassian-based design development
  • Design development based on Photon by Mozilla Firefox
  • Design development in the language Сarbon by IBM
  • Design development based on Vuetify is Vue.js Component Framework
  • Design development based on Vue Material by Creative Tim

There are definitely more, but I only remembered these 😉

Image - Technology stack from OwlWeb.Team

Advantages of developing UX/UI website design from OwlWeb:

Modern and attractive interface. Web design developed by our professionals will help your company become recognizable, make a better impression on your customers and keep them.
Exclusivity. For each client, we develop an exclusive UX/UI design, which reflects the uniqueness of his business and enhances the company's reputation.
Effective. Personalized design can increase the credibility of users to the company and attract new visitors to the website, making them regular customers.
Adaptive. We create a web design, which is equally well and smoothly opens on all devices. Users are comfortable using it on computers, tablets, and smartphones.
Advanced solutions. We create custom graphic elements, expressive blocks, and details. We apply modern and innovative techniques in our work.
Loyalty. We think over the conversion behavior of users and methods of keeping the target audience. Before starting developing a product, we make a detailed analysis of the target audience and their needs.
Analysis. At the first stage of product development, we make a detailed analysis of your competitors. We use the best solutions based on the research, not speculations.
We create recognizable brands. We preserve the identity and corporate style while offering the most modern solutions. As a result, we have a modern design and a recognizable brand.
Product competitiveness. We help create the web resource structure based on analysis of competitors and existing content. We give recommendations on filling the product with content.
Admin panel. The client can independently supplement the site blocks with content without our help (or minimal intervention). The design allows you to remove or add a block without losing the quality of web design.


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Website design from 10 to 20 pages
from 2 months
Website design from 20 to 40 pages
from 5000$
from 3 months
Individual site and interface design (+ identity)

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