Corporate identity development

Зображення - Розробка фірмового стилю

What is corporate identity?

Corporate identity is a set of graphic, color, visual, and permanent design elements that create the image and style of your business. It is a vital part of a company's branding.

A corporate identity promotes increased brand recognition.

It combines a visual set of graphic elements reproduced in different media.

Corporate identity development:

  • Increases the memorability and recognition of the company and its product;
  • Gives individuality to the graphic materials of the company.

Corporate identity development is the next step after the logo development, which helps systematize its use by the company.

What does corporate identity include:

  • A logo helps recognize a company and distinguish it from hundreds of others. The logo creates a positive and correct representation of the business and reflects its basic ideas and values.
  • The font is used on the website and printed products. Font selection helps to create a corporate, unique brand style.
  • Corporate colors. Exactly permanent, the constant color set can create the right idea about company activity and create necessary associations with a brand at the clients.
  • Design of letterheads, envelopes, pens, signboards, souvenir or printing products, eco-bags, etc. It helps increase brand awareness, potential customers to know your company.

Image - What does the corporate style include

Tasks and goals of company corporate identity creation:

Addressing brand identity and differentiation.
Building a positive corporate image of the company.
Increasing brand recognition and separating the brand from its competitors.
Transmitting the core values and objectives of the company to the customers.
The brand product value formation. The style indicates the quality and price category of the goods/services of the company.

Why need you order the development of corporate identity in OwlWeb team?

The brand is what a company should strive for. The brand is not only the goods and services that the company provides. It is, above all, about the feelings and emotions that customers have towards the company.

A company's external image (how others see it) and its internal identity (how it identifies itself) are like two sides of the same coin. A coherent positioning occurs when these two aspects are in harmony with each other and line with the company's mission.

We are convinced that good design should inspire significant change. Through our collaboration with entrepreneurs, we help transform ideas into sustainable businesses, and industry leaders adapt to the demands of today's culture.

The next step after corporate identity development should be identity and brand book development, and to learn this service, we recommend you read an article on the subject.

Image - Why you should order corporate identity development from the OwlWeb team

Who will work on the creation of corporate identity:

Sergey Snurnik/art director, graphic designer.

He specializes in the system development of brand identity, more than fifteen years, creating reliable, functional, and aesthetic brand identity systems for companies and startups worldwide.

Clients: Nike, Esquire, PFC CSKA, rally SILK WAY, Audi, and many others.

Sergey has a huge impact on the quality of the projects we do together due to his great experience. As he says, it is a pleasure to work with the new generation of creativity.

The results of our collaborations are as detailed, aligned, and goal-oriented as possible.

Our team creates reliable, functional, and aesthetic brand identity systems for companies and startups worldwide.

Image - Sergey Snurnik / art director

Examples of works

Stages of brand identity development:

01. Research
02. Generation
03. Iteration
04. Selection
05. Development
06. Delivery

What do you get?

  • 20 sketches of the sign/logo, design of corporate products, mock-ups, guidelines for the use of corporate identity.
  • Versions of the logo: Pantone + CMYK + RGB.
  • Manual: PDF, which will include a description of the logo, recommendations for its use, basic corporate fonts, and more.

Price for corporate identity development: from 1500 $