Corporate website development

What is a corporate website?

A corporate website developed by the OwlWeb team will help your business attract clients and tell them about your services and products; it will always be at the TOP in search engines and will never get lost among competitors.

Who is suitable for this type of site? 

A corporate website is an integral part of a successful modern business, allowing customers to learn about services, promotional offers, advantages, and differences from competitors. 

For example, the work of B2B and B2C companies is impossible without such a site, and it will also be helpful in services, sales, construction, tourism, and medicine. 

A modern corporate website not only affects the image and prestige of the company, but it can also become a valuable platform with built-in online offices, service cost calculators, and a platform for online consultation. Interactive activities attract visitors, convincing them of the reliability of the chosen company.

Advantages of our corporate sites

Management. You can manage your corporate product yourself by 95% through the administrative panel. It is simple and easy. If you have any difficulties, we will help you!
SEO framework. There are all the necessary SEO tools built to the turnkey site to improve the process of indexing and optimization of the site. All the techniques we use in corporate website development will ensure the most effective and profitable promotion.
Individual development. When we create a site, we are fully immersed in it and provide a personal approach to your wishes, ideas, and vision of the project. We are the team that will hear you.
Cross-browser and adaptability. Your web product will be adapted and usable from any existing device with Internet access.
Reliability. Online resource, designed by us, is fully protected from hacking. Your data and the personal information of customers will be safe.
Comfortable navigation and structure. Your customers can easily use and navigate a web product to find the information they need. Our professionals can implement almost all ideas.
Individual thought-out UI /UX design. Your corporate website will be what you want to see, topical, impressive, and stylish, will transmit the peculiarities of the brand, services, and products.
b>Multi-language. Visitors can choose the language they want to see information in, depending on their preferences and country of residence.

The process of creating a corporate website

01. Collection of functional requirements
02. Conclusion of a contract
03. Development of page designs
04. Web page layout (frontend)
05. Programming the site and admin panel (backend)
06. Testing and launching the project
07. Content management
08. SEO promotion
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Implemented projects

Можливості корпоративного сайту від команди OwlWeb.Team

  • Improves the positioning and image of your business and brand.
  • Is one of the channels to attract new customers and partners.
  • Presents your services and products in a unique package.
  • Increases customer confidence in your services and products.
  • Automates work with online customer requests.
  • Simplifies management of your company processes.
  • Organizes informational support for visitors and customers.
  • Allows marketing campaigns for different audiences.

Design System. Carbon Design System is an innovative system developed by IBM which allows you to create harmonious and complete designs. 

Style. Swiss minimal design - an excellent solution for a corporate website, based on three components: simplicity, objectivity, and conciseness.