Frontend development

Фронтенд розробка - фото

Frontend is when a designer draws, and then magically it all starts working in the browser: click, hover, overflow. The current site is the best example of the designer's collaboration with the Frontend developer.

Frontend developer is a specialist who creates the structure of a hypertext document, which is based on HTML-markup + CSS-styling + JS-interactive. Simply put, it embodies design projects, translates images into a browser format.

The essential purpose of the frontend

Even a growing business needs a high-quality working web resource capable of effectively presenting services and products. Only a quality frontend development can do providing all the visual content of the site the visitors see.

When visiting a web resource, the user interacts exactly with the frontend product. The client’s overall impression depends on the quality of its implementation, not only about the site but also about the products/services presented on it. That is why it is significant to order frontend services from a professional developer who can implement all the ideas and make your product a favorite in its niche. 

The main goal of frontend development is to prepare a functional website that can meet the needs and expectations of visitors by 100%. To achieve this result, our developers carefully think through every detail on the pages of the future site, using different programming languages, markup, tools, frameworks. The main result of the work is the harmonious functioning of all the visible elements of a web resource.

Image - Front-end development by OwlWeb.Team

Best projects in Frontend category

Stages of frontend development

01. Immersion into the project
02. Setting up the project builder
03. The makeup of the project
04. Testing and debugging

Stack Technologies

The key technologies in frontend arsenal:

  • HTML5
  • Sass/SCSS
  • JavaScript
  • Vue.js
Image - Technology Stack by OwlWeb.Team

Advantages of frontend development by OwlWeb

Full-featured frontend component. Our frontend developers create a full-featured project with which it is comfortable to interact. All elements of the pages work harmoniously and smoothly.
Functionality at the highest level. Absolutely all interactions and details of the finished web product are well thought out and aimed at the needs and expectations of users.
Accuracy and detailing of the layout. The frontend development site is implemented in full accordance with the design layout and the customer’s requirements clearly described in the job.
Expertise. Our developers possess extensive experience and knowledge and use only modern platforms and methods to improve the speed of development, automation of processes, and scalability of solutions.
Implementation of innovations. OwlWeb specialists implement innovative digital platforms and corporate applications that can interest and attract the most demanding users.
Sophisticated approach. Intelligent use of frameworks in the project provides the best scalability and high efficiency of the resource, making support of the site less expensive.
A productive solution. Frontend development by OwlWeb specialists will provide high performance even for heavily loaded sites or web applications.
Adaptive service. We guarantee uninterrupted access to your website on any device, be it a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
Cross-browser platform. All our projects are equally well represented and work on all browsers of different operating systems.
Process automation. We have experience developing complex server solutions for the functionality and automation of your project/business, making your work comfortable and convenient.

Ціни Frontend верстки або vue.js додатків

from 500$
from 2 weeks
layout from 10 to 20 layouts
from 500$
from 2 weeks
layout from 20 to 40 layouts
from 1100$
from 3 weeks
layout + vue.js programming
from 2000$
from from 1 month
layout + vue.js programming of complex web services


* Timing of development is discussed individually

* Pricing is reasoned

* Detailed technology stack is approved before contracting

* Terms of content production are discussed individually