Custom web service

Web-service is an effective online business tool that can automate work and facilitate customers interaction. It has a wide range of functions and features and helps solve even complex business tasks.

Custom web services development

Web-service can solve many problems and have a very diverse functionality. 

For example, using a web service can convert currency online, find and buy tickets, edit photos/video materials, create layouts, presentations, etc. 

Web services have many similarities to smartphone apps. They can process, sort, and analyze a large volume of data and information. 

Web services facilitate the work of businesses, solve complex problems, simplify online contact and interaction with clients. 

No two web resources are the same. They can have similar functionality, but each customer has different needs, requirements, and peculiarities of the business model. It requires an individual approach to design and development. 

In most cases, web services are created and developed from scratch. Ready-made template solutions can not provide the necessary functionality and performance and lead to the desired result. 

Functional and efficient web services look easy-to-understand, concise, and user-friendly. Custom development turnkey allows you to create a working, business-friendly product that meets all the requirements and wishes of the customer.

Advantages of developing custom web service by OwlWeb Team

01. Customized solutions for your business.
02. Smart management system.
03. High loading speed.
04. Unlimited scaling.
05. Utilitarian and well-thought-out design.
06. Mobile First.
07. Cross-browser.
08. Considering your business needs.
09. A complete cycle of web service development.
10. Custom integration.

Who will work on your project

Stages of turnkey customized web service development

01. Briefing.
02. Analysis and definition of functionality.
03. Designing interface.
04. Design.
05. Development and front-end programming.
06. Web service testing.
07. Delivery of the project.

Turnkey prices for developing a promotional site

Laravel + HTML / CSS + JS від 3000$ / від 1.5 місяця
Laravel + HTML/CSS + JS Get more information
from 4500$
from 2 months
Laravel + HTML/CSS + vue.js Get more information
from 1000$
from 1 month
WordPress + HTML/CSS + JS Get more information


* Terms of development are discussed individually

* Pricing is reasoned

* Detailed technology stack is approved before the contract is signed

* Terms of content production are discussed individually

What technologies do we use to build our projects?

Laravel + HTML/CSS + JS
65% of projects
For companies wishing to obtain a quality MVP with the prospect of scaling the project
Laravel + HTML/CSS + vue.js
25% of projects
Development with automation and integrations. For companies that have already created an infrastructure for doing business online
WordPress + HTML/CSS + JS
 10% of projects
For companies wishing to launch an information portal in a short time, which may never expand in functionality