Site development business cards

What is a business card website?

A business card site is a powerful online tool that can effectively and beautifully present a person and/or his business, products, services. OwlWeb team develops unique and colorful business card websites which can increase your brand awareness and attract new partners and customers. 

Who needs a business card website?

A business card site is a small online product, in most cases consisting of several pages. It contains information about a person or company and describes a brand, product/service, or event. 

To date, such an online business card is an effective and efficient tool that can attract new customers and be a platform for placing banner ads. 

Ordering a business card turnkey from our experts, you get a unique and vibrant product that meets current trends. 

For who is this online tool suitable? The online business card will be effective if you present your business on the Internet for the first time as there is no need to place a large amount of information. The business card website is most effective for promoting a particular event, advertising a specific product or person. 

Many use such a resource as a personal resume or advertise their brand or hobbies. 

Benefits of our websites.

We develop an individual design for the client. Creating a business card website, we consider the corporate identity and the specifics of the business and develop a trendy and relevant design responsive to the customer's wishes.
Ability to develop. Has the business card site become "cramped" for you? No problem, we can easily extend its functionality and capabilities, turn it into a complete multi-page site, or, for example, an online store.
Clear admin panel. We create a logically correct functional control system where you can easily update the information on the site and teach how to use it.
A well-thought-out website structure and UX interface. When creating a business card website, we analyze the behavioral factors of users. Your visitors will be comfortable and pleasant to visit the web resource.
Increase of the conversion. Well-thought-out infographics and unique selling proposition (USP) will motivate users to take target actions.
Adaptive Design. Our web resources are adapted to screens of all sizes and fully open from different devices (PC, smartphones, tablets).
Payback. This web solution has a low cost and short payback period, ideal for growing businesses and promoting a personal brand.


Stages of online business cards development by OwlWeb team

01. Preparation and discussion of the brief.
02. Prototyping.
03. Design.
04. Makeup and programming.
05. Filling with content.
06. Functional testing and launch.

Можливості сайту-візитки від команди OwlWeb

  • Provides effective communication with your audience.
  • Effectively presents your brand, products, services, or events.
  • Increases the audience’s confidence in your business and product and builds customer loyalty. 
  • Helps to introduce your business to the general public.
  • Displays your brand identity.
  • Creates a positive impression of your product, service, and company.

Хто буде працювати над Вашим проєктом

Design System. Carbon Design System is an innovative system developed by IBM which allows you to create harmonious and complete designs. 

Style. Swiss minimal design - an excellent solution for a corporate website, based on three components: simplicity, objectivity, and conciseness.

Prices for the development of a business card website on a turnkey basis

від 3000$
 від 1.5 місяця
from 4500$ from 2 months Laravel + HTML/CSS + vue.js
from 1000$ from 1 months WordPress + HTML/CSS + JS


Timing of development is discussed individually

Pricing is reasoned

Detailed technology stack is approved before contracting

Terms of content production are discussed individually

What technologies do we use to make our websites?

<b style="
    font-weight: 600;
    font-size: 28px;
    line-height: 140%;
">Laravel + HTML/CSS + JS</b>
65% of projects
For companies that want to get a high-quality MVP with the prospect of scaling the project
<b style="
    font-weight: 600;
    font-size: 28px;
    line-height: 140%;
">Laravel + HTML/CSS + vue.js</b>
25% of the projects
Development with automation and integration. For companies who have already created an infrastructure for doing business online
<b style="
    font-weight: 600;
    font-size: 28px;
    line-height: 140%;
">WordPress + HTML/CSS + JS </b>
10% of the projects
For companies willing to quickly launch an information portal without extended functionality