Backend development

Зображення - Back-end розробка

Simply put, programming site features. The team creates typical projects, upgrades to unique ones, programs personalized business sites. Programming from our team can contain the usual site + unique functionalities, blocks, pages.

Back-end development is the creation of a server part of a web product and the implementation of its functionalities. The programming backend consists of the development of interaction interfaces, databases, and servers.

The essential purpose of the backend

Behind a beautiful visual picture of any Internet product is the patient and difficult work of the backend developers. Namely, these specialists are involved in setting up all the server requests and functional interactions within the site, creating working databases, architecture, and program logic. These and many other processes ensure the proper and smooth operation of the web product. 

Without properly built architecture, servers, databases, streamlined logic, your site will not be able to fully function — it will be just an empty shell with a chaotic collection of text and pictures. 

Ordering backend development from Owl Web specialists, you will get a working and full-featured product that fully meets your needs and expectations. 

Our developers are real professionals with unique experience and knowledge. With an individual approach to each task, they will be able to implement your project, considering all the details of your business/company. 

Image - Back-end development from OwlWeb.Team

Best projects in Backend category

Best projects in Backend category

Stages of backend development:

01. Project immersion
02. Database development
03. Functional development
04. Testing

Stack technologies

The key technologies in backend arsenal:

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Wordpress
  • Ajax
  • MySQL
  • Amazon CDN
  • Git
  • Redis
  • Vue.js
Image - Technology stack from OwlWeb.Team

Advantages of backend services from the OwlWeb

Scalability. You can develop your final product without the need to make radical changes. We implement a high-quality website of any complexity to meet your requirements.
Integration. We can integrate various payment systems and third-party services into the site. Users will be able to make online payments, sign in via social networks, etc.
API. Our developers develop standardized interfaces (APIs), which enable data transfer by connecting the server to the database, the client-side and third-party web applications.
Technical support. In case of internal process changes in the companies, we provide our customers with active technical support and answer all customer questions.
The perfect server. We always reach a quality and well-coordinated work of the server part, application architecture, system components, and databases.
Innovativeness. We use only advanced and modern developments, selecting efficient tools for this work.
Flexibility. Our specialists provide flexibility in development and allow our customers to set up many processes by themselves via a comfortable admin panel.
High efficiency. The site developed by our backend professionals can withstand even an enormous load of thousands of simultaneous visitors.
CMS. We create custom Content Management Systems (CMS) which help you create, edit and change the content of your website.
Security. OwlWeb team guarantees complete security of server functionality through the user's browser. You need not fear leakage of your information and personal customer data.


from 3000$
from 1.5 month
Laravel + HTML/CSS + JS
from 4500$
from 2 months
Laravel + HTML/CSS + vue.js
from 1000$
from 1 month
WordPress + HTML/CSS + JS


* Timing of development is discussed individually

* Pricing is reasoned

* Detailed technology stack is approved before contracting

* Terms of content production are discussed individually