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Technical support from OwlWeb is a complex of services for keeping your website up and running, increasing its potential capacity, and correcting errors that appear in the course of project revision.

Website support is always a speed of reaction to new market demands and possible problems. It guarantees uninterrupted work of web products, actualization and standardization of content, modernization, and consulting on possibilities of automation of routine processes.

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Advantages of support and maintenance of the site:

The complexity of performing support in different directions (UX/UI, front-end, back-end, management, consulting) will provide you with a comfortable website maintenance process.
Data security.
We brought the time of work of our specialists under one price. You do not pay separately for each service at a different cost, but you choose what you need to do within the terms of support.
We guarantee the rapid development of your web product and the growth of its performance and efficiency. Always promptly perform new tasks and solve problems that may arise during work.
With most of the problems and challenges that can occur during the work, we are familiar with and know how to achieve the desired result in the establishment of business processes in the shortest possible time.
We value our clients as friends and partners and take well-tuned teamwork processes as a basis of our work aimed at the result.

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What does technical support include?

01. UX/UI Designer
02. Content Manager
03. Frontend Developer
04. Backend Developer
05. Management specialist

Technology Stack

Cost and conditions

40 hrs = 720$/month = 18$/hrs

70 hrs = 1 190$/month = 17$/hrs

120 hrs  = 1 920$/month = 16$/hrs

120 hrs + = project work assessed individually

Переваги послуги від OwlWeb

Minimum support period - 3 months.
Fast response time. Within 1 hour during working hours, and if the request is made outside working hours within 1 hour on the next working day.
Support of one or more sites is discussed separately.
The technical support service includes a fixed number of working hours for all team members depending on the tasks.
Complete development of new elements for the site as part of the support.
We consult you on all your questions about processes in your project.

*Works more than 100 hours are considered as project work!

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