SEO - website promotion and optimization

Зображення – просування та оптимізація сайтів

SEO is a set of services focused on promoting the site in the search engine rankings to the top. SEO helps attract new customers to the web resource, thereby developing and promoting your business, products, and services.

Strategies for promoting the site

The website is a prerequisite for the effective promotion and development of business in today's world. It is the search engine Google that brings more visitors and potential customers.

Quality and effective website promotion is impossible to implement in a short period. Daily patient work, which is not desirable to stop, is necessary to get the desired result.

Image – Website promotion strategies from OwlWeb.Team

Integrated SEO promotion helps solve the following problems:

Increase the credibility of the brand. Clients have more trust and loyalty to a website in the top 10 in Google search results because they believe that the more reliable and better a company is, the higher position it holds.
Increase sales. Regular improvement of a site and patient work on its promotion help increase its monthly traffic by new users, in other words, potential clients.
Significant savings on advertising. The result of SEO promotion is long-lasting and is not limited to a certain period, unlike other marketing solutions (SMM, contextual advertising, etc.). After you have done SEO, you will not need to spend money on advertising on the Internet.
Targeted traffic. Those customers interested and relevant to your products/services will find you.

Stages of website promotion:

01. Competitor analysis on the top of the issuance.
02. Prepare the site for SEO promotion.
03. Optimize the basis of the site.
04. Internal site optimization.
05. Carry out an increase in the target figures for the site.
06. External promotion of the web resource.
07. Support the result.

The advantages of SEO promotion of the site from OwlWeb:

Increase traffic to your website. There is a constant increase in the flow of new visitors to the website.
Improve website visibility and ranking. Your web resource will be on the first position of the query results in Google.
Improve the usability of the site and the quality of all content. During CEO work with your web resource, we will optimize its performance and detect errors.
Attract customers to the site through third-party resources, thereby increasing external traffic. Potential customers will find your web resource on various directories, marketplaces, etc.
Update content regularly and expand the semantic core. The work on the website is continuously in progress, new pages are created and filled with content, and external links are optimized.
A bench of specialists works on the optimization: copywriter, webmaster, optimizer, and designer. Such coordinated work helps achieve the maximum desired result in the website promotion.