Brand Identity and creating of a brand book

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What is identity?

Identity is a "visual" language, a brand image, developed according to the essential values and features of the company. Through the competently created visual and graphic content, consumers can reproduce in their minds the image of the brand and associations related to it in a second.

Brand identity is necessary for both large and medium-sized businesses. It is what makes companies recognizable and known to the general public.

Brand identity can:

  • differentiate your brand from your competitors;
  • make the brand recognizable and known;
  • emotionally touch the audience;
  • communicate the company's values to the end consumer;
  • create a cohesive, detailed, thoughtful image of the business;
  • create the right brand associations with consumers;
  • not let your products and services get lost among competitors.

Identity is more than just a company's corporate identity. These are the purposes, motives, mood, and values of the whole brand, not limited to a visual demonstration.

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The main components of identity:

A name with a signature (descriptor) and a slogan. They will foremost stick in the memory of the future consumer.
The logo is a sign associated with the brand, indicating that the products belong to the company.
Corporate identity. It includes the development of visual media design (business cards, letterheads, branded clothing, souvenirs) and the selection of corporate colors of fonts.
Other elements seen, touched, and interacted with: graphic ornaments, sounds, smells, etc.
A brand book is a document that provides guidelines for working with a company's corporate identity and its elements.

What is a brand book?

A brand book is a document containing all the ideological elements of a brand (graphic, verbal) and instructions for their use.

The brand book is designed for internal corporate use. The brand book data is necessary for the company's executives, marketing specialists, PR specialists, advertising specialists, and other employees.

The purpose of developing a brand book

The brand book is a necessary component of every company's development, the basis for all marketing decisions.

Creating a brand book allows you to:

  • to observe the integrity of the brand, a unified ideological and design concept;
  • effectively promote and popularize your brand.

We take an integrated approach to each brand book creation: gather information and develop conceptual options. The number of concepts depends on the chosen service and package.

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Reasons to order the development of a brand book in OwlWeb team:

01. Increase brand recognition
02. Create the necessary image
03. Identity = status
04. Increase customer confidence in your brand
05. Increase conversion rates
06. Boost sales

Приклади робіт

Stages of logo development:

01. Research
02. Generation
03. Iteration
04. Selection
05. Development
06. Delivery

Financial policy:

A brandbook is a large number of separate blocks: there are mandatory ones, and there are additional ones. What exactly does the customer want to see? A short "memo on working with corporate identity" or a complete study of all elements — carriers of corporate identity? If a small law firm has a brandbook of 20-30 pages, then the retail network may have several separate books, and its creation will take more than a year. You need to focus on the cost of your time and multiply it by the creative efforts invested, which are often forgotten.

Package: basic identity
Sign / logo development to get the result, corporate product design, souvenir product design, corporate printing, avatars and covers for Facebook and Instagram, mockups,
brandbook 25-35 pages

From 1875$

You will receive the following files: ai, pdf, eps, png, svg, jpeg. Brandbook: pdf. Logo versions, layouts: Pantone + CMYK + RGB
All positions are discussed. The number of positions can be changed depending on the client's wishes.
Пакет: Package: advanced identity
Development of a sign / logo before receiving the result, design of corporate products, design of souvenirs, corporate printing, electronic signature for letters, avatars and covers
for Facebook and Instagram, photo styles, mockups,
brandbook 25-35 pages.
From 3750 $
You will receive the following files: ai, pdf, eps, png, svg, jpeg. Brandbook: pdf (ideological and graphic part). Logo versions, layouts: Pantone + CMYK + RGB.
All positions are discussed. The number of positions can be changed depending on the client's wishes.