E-commerce service development

OwlWeb team carries out individual comprehensive development of E-commerce service, starting from the idea of its creation and finishing with online promotion and support. We create an E-commerce service with the ability to write a lot of additional functionality not available for the usual online store.

Individual system of sales for your business

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is a general term that unites all the sites where you buy and pay for goods online. 

E-commerce service - this is a broader concept than just an online store. It includes sites selling and buying goods/services through online services, mobile applications, electronic transactions, supply chain management goods, Internet marketing, electronic data exchange. E-commerce can be your hybrid tool for online sales and other business processes. 

We individually develop an E-commerce service for each customer on a turnkey basis without templates and designers. It can include virtually any functionality that works smoothly with the online store. 

Thanks to e-commerce, it is possible to significantly increase sales, expand the customer base and increase revenues. And all this without significant investment, rental fees, salaries of salespeople, managers. Such trade can take place 24/7; it is more convenient for customers, especially in times of epidemic. 

In recent years, entrepreneurs and sellers worldwide have been moving to an online mode using online trading platforms.

The advantages of developing an E-commerce service from OwlWeb team:

01. Unlimited possibilities.
02. Online Trade Automation.
03. Increased conversions.
04. High loading speed.
05. Adaptability.
06. Cross-browser.
07. Quality interface.
08. Sophisticated usability.
09. Convenient control panel.
10. Ready for SEO promotion.

Implemented projects

Stages of full-service E-commerce turnkey development:

During the briefing, we discuss the client’s wishes regarding the site, choose the most effective solution for the business, identify latent needs, and offer options for creating an online store.
We create a prototype of the site structure, draw page layouts, collect existing content and analyze it. After that, we agree on preliminary prototypes with the client.
Develop an individual and stylish design, considering the wishes and needs of the customer and the specifics of the business. Then we create the design of all pages and mechanisms of calls to action for clients.
We develop and adapt the layout and functionality of all pages of the online store, create an individual admin panel, integrate the site with external systems, and automate processes.
We carry out functional testing of all pages and adjust cross-browser functionality and adaptability for all devices. After testing, the project is run and placed on the customer's hosting.
Launch the site and hand over the project. We carry out training on how to use the admin panel and the site advising the customer on the further development and promotion of the online store.

E-commerce functionality from OwlWeb team:

E-commerce can contain smart filters for sorting and comparing products, a search engine, the ability for customers to leave reviews, rating of products and services.
The online platform features a flexible and tiered product catalog with easy navigation. Customers can see a list of already viewed and pending products.
Conversion chips are designed individually for online commerce. We can embed CTA buttons for calls to action, pop-ups, push notifications, lead forms, and call-back widgets.
Information about products is convenient and visually attractive, and previews are available for customers without opening the product card and the product status (Newest, Discount, Product of the Day).
E-commerce provides a convenient shopping cart with the opportunity to quickly checkout. Buyers can easily change the number of items in the cart and modify its contents to suit their needs.
Buyers can make a quick purchase, the so-called "1-click purchase". For this purpose, there is a special button next to each product with a call to action.
The online marketplace is complete with an automation system for meta tags, descriptions, and numerical control (CNC). All processes work smoothly, without glitches or errors.
With online commerce, you can implement all kinds of retail and wholesale (B2B/B2C). After a detailed analysis, we will help you make a site that meets the needs of your business.
Convenient assortment management will simplify your work. Mass upload and download of the goods to XML, XLS, CSV, Google Shopping, Google Merchant.
Automation of price formation. You can adjust product price changes depending on currency exchange rates, monitor the cost of similar goods from competitors, etc.
Website visitors can register for an easy-to-use personal cabinet. Customers can enter their data during registration or fill it in with their Google or Facebook accounts.
Customers leaving their contact details (mail, phone number) will be asked to subscribe to the mailing list of the store, which can inform them about promotions, new products, etc.
Automation for dropshipping. The system itself will contact the supplier of the goods after the buyer has placed the order. It saves time considerably.
Integration with statistics systems allows you to track advertising effectiveness, sales growth, website attendance, customer preferences, and wishes.
Integration with different types of accounting systems, such as 1C, simplifies reporting, turnover of goods, and documentation.
Online payment is available on the site. Your E-commerce service can connect to the payment systems PayPal, LiqPay, Privat24, and others, and you can also set up the possibility of paying by installments or on credit.
By E-commerce, service can connect delivery services, such as New Post. It will be possible to calculate the shipping cost online by weight, dimensions, etc.
Individual development without using templates provides for implementing various functionality in E-commerce services. Such an online service has many particular features for your business.


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