Development of a B2B portal

B2B portal: more than just a website

The development of a B2B portal allows you to systematize and simplify the work with corporate clients. OwlWeb Team develops portals of this type. We have extensive experience in creating websites with personal account functionality for clients and partners. Such websites have an extended set of functions that are aimed at creating an automated system of interaction with suppliers, contractors, and dealers. Creation of a web portal in the 2B segment involves the development of web offices for different categories of users. When ordering a website from OwlWeb Team, you can be sure that the project will implement all the necessary functions and services.

B2B niches:

  • Websites for wholesale purchases.
  • Marketplaces.
  • Sale of cars or special-purpose equipment.
  • Catalogs with advanced functionality.

Features and functionality of B2B websites

The development of websites for the B2B segment is carried out taking into account the specifics of each project. Such a resource usually includes:

  1. Creating a personal account. Such websites require the interaction of several parties: customers, suppliers, managers, and other participants in the trading process. Each of them is provided with convenient functionality that ensures efficient work with documents, orders, and payments.
  2. Development of a product catalog. To make the work as convenient and efficient as possible for all parties, this type of resource should provide product downloads, filters, and convenient functionality for placing an order. The following functionalities will help you to quickly create and place an order: order history, price list, saving pre-order parameters.
  3. Integration with additional systems, such as: CRM database (including the history of each transaction), ERP, 1C and other accounting systems, telephony, payment systems.
  4. Reducing the cost of order processing (personal account, documents, order management)? 24/7 customer support and automation of manual processes, which increases the speed of service delivery.

In addition, the functionality can be expanded in each case.

Order the development of a B2B website and get a competitive advantage

When ordering the development of a B2B portal from OwlWeb, you are guaranteed to receive additional benefits:

  1. Multifunctionality. We not only create websites from scratch, but also finalize existing projects.
  2. Professional employees work on the creation of the site. Only experienced specialists work in our team.
  3. Maximum transparency of all development processes. The customer can control the development process at all stages.
  4. A large number of successful projects. Each project is developed in accordance with all the rules, has a secure code, and is fully optimized for the task.

The resources developed by our studio are able to work under heavy loads.

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Stages of B2B portal development

Creating a B2b portal includes the following main stages:

  1. Collection of functional requirements.
    This stage involves discussing the future of the service and working out the idea. Also at this stage, the terms of reference are developed, the complexity is assessed, and the stages and terms of development are discussed.
  2. Phased development.
    It includes: UX Design, development of page layouts, programming, layout, setting up integrations, filling with content, testing, and customization.
  3. Putting the project into operation.
    At this stage, the system is launched, tested, and trained to work with the administrative panel.
  4. Warranty service and project support. 

The standard warranty period covers 6 months, and then you can order full website maintenance from us to solve current and sudden issues of the resource.

By ordering the development of a B2B portal from OwlWeb, you invest in the future of your business

You can order B2B development in OwlWeb studio. The specifics of this business require a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the audience. The advantages of this type of portal are obvious:

  1. Continuous communication with each of the partners. Ensuring fast operation of services, the simplest possible management, and constant communication 24/7.
  2. Content tailored to the company's profile. Publication of accurate and as detailed information about goods and services as possible, availability of all necessary documentation.
  3.  Full automation of all routine processes. Improving the quality of service, reducing the time for order processing, generating documentation, and automating prices.
  4.  Availability of special functionality that makes it easier to obtain the necessary data.

The cost of developing a turnkey B2B portal

The price of developing an online portal depends on several important parameters. First of all, it is:

  • whether it will be development from scratch or based on a ready-made project.
  • selection of the optimal type of website: online store, corporate, landing page.
  • a set of functions and services.
  • the load on the system.


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