Development of a one-page website

One-page website: Get more leads and sales!

Such an option as a one-page website is suitable for a wide range of people: from a hairdresser who is just starting out to large business projects that already have a reputation and are already reputable, but, for example, promoting their new product or studying interest in it. It will be useful for presentations or invitations to courses. Such a site is a must for small or start-up businesses.

One-page website development: an effective tool for your business

Theater begins with a coat rack, and any business begins with a business card and advertising. That's why a resource like a one-page website is an indispensable tool. It helps to solve a number of problems.

Unlike a full-fledged website, a one-page website does not require the visitor to think about where to go or what to click to get the information they need. On a one-page website, the information is presented linearly, and the user can easily get acquainted with the information and is more likely to order the advertised product. Besides, development of a one-page website gives the following advantages.

    • Cost. Single-page websites are inexpensive to create and cheaper to maintain than a full-fledged website.
    • Speed. The project can be implemented in a short time, which is important for force majeure projects.
    • High-quality business intelligence. Such a website helps to collect customer data, which is extremely important at the initial stage of business development or for market research.
    • Easy to manage. It helps to track the effectiveness of advertising to analyze or adjust the content.
    • High conversion rate. As practice shows, such a website attracts attention and interests a much higher percentage of customers, encouraging them to order the offered product.
    • Convenience. No need to open additional tabs or search for information, it's all at your fingertips.
    • Comfort. Convenient viewing and fast loading, including adaptation to smartphones.
    • Focus. Allows customers to focus on one offer without being distracted by unnecessary information.

    Stages of creating a one-page website

    All of the above advantages will be effective if you involve professionals who can create and design a one-page website with high quality. For this painstaking work, you need to pay as much attention as possible and go through all the stages correctly.

    1. Planning and analysis
      Before offering anything, you need to analyze the product niche, its competitiveness, and study the market in depth and in detail. After that, create a detailed plan for developing a one-page website to compete, sell, and reach the top.
    2. Design and prototyping
      Design development is no less important. Since the site is small in size, you need to think through every detail: from the selection of the color palette and font size to the semantic content. Also, to achieve your goals, you need conceptual development, focus on the main content, a well-thought-out interface, etc.
    3. Development and layout
      The next stage is website development. Taking into account all the smallest wishes, specialists create a one-page website in accordance with the two previous stages.
    4. Testing and debugging
      After development, the site is necessarily tested. If there are any bugs, they are removed, corrected, and polished.
    5. Launch and promotion
      The final stage is the publication of the website. However, just launching a website is not enough. You need to promote it properly using various techniques.

    Reasons to order a one-page website development in OwlWeb

    To ensure that the project brings the expected results, you should order a one-page website from professionals. Among all the variety of services offered to create such a website, OwlWeb stands out. Why you should contact us:

    • Professionalism and technology. A team of professionals who will make a high-quality one-page turnkey website. Everyone here is a specialist in their field, responsible for their own niche. The developer only implements the plan, and the marketer promotes the brand or product using modern technologies;
    • Experience and concentration. The OwlWeb team has time-tested experience, but each project is developed with maximum concentration on each one;
    • Individuality and uniqueness. The approach to each project is individual, which makes it possible to choose the right solution for the style or brand of the customer with attention to detail and all wishes;
    • Support. Throughout the entire announced period, the team supports the project and helps to promote it.

    The cost of a one-page turnkey website

    Working on a high-quality one-page website is quite painstaking. It takes time and requires the involvement of a group of people. However, our team offers quite flexible and affordable prices for one-page websites. The cost of a one-page website is individual and is discussed for each project separately.

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