Development of a catalog site

What is a catalog site and who needs it?

A web catalog is a website that contains all the necessary data about a company, as well as detailed product descriptions. Such a resource can contain either 50 or 1500 different product items. The catalog is easy to maintain, as it does not involve processing online orders. However, the catalog site allows customers to choose a product, find out its detailed characteristics, price, and find out the manager's contacts to contact and place an order. The purchase does not take place automatically, but after the manager's approval.

A website with a catalog is suitable for a small business in the field of goods or services. We will create a product catalog that will contain all the information the client needs and convenient functionality. As a result, the customer will be able to get a designer website that fully meets the needs of the brand. Websites of this type are adapted for all types of devices.

Advantages of an online catalog

Creating an online catalog allows businesses to gain a lot of advantages. Among them are the following:
  1. Continuous sale of goods and services. A catalog site works around the clock, it has no days off and no holidays or non-working days. Customers can find out information about products at any time of the day or night, as well as leave a request to a manager who will contact you at a convenient time. This makes it possible to reduce the number of failures and better interact with customers.
  2. Always up-to-date information. Having a catalog site allows you to make changes to product information as soon as it is needed. A convenient management system provides complete content management.
  3. Continuous expansion of the customer base. Your business, products, and services will be known not only in a narrow location, your city or district, but also in the whole country and even abroad. A web catalog improves the promotion of goods and services. It allows you to search for new partners and customers.
  4. Simplifies the work of the company. Detailed descriptions of goods and services, high-quality photos, as well as answers to frequently asked questions of customers, reduce the workload of managers and save time.
Creating a website with a catalog is easier than creating an online store. However, it is still better to entrust the development to professionals. Namely, the OwlWeb Team

Stages of creating a catalog site

Creating an online catalog consists of several main stages:

  • Gathering functional requirements - includes interviewing the customer, collecting information about the customer's business. Formation of a project passport that contains all the important information.
  • Design and prototyping (UX Design, development of page layouts) - development of a website prototype according to the information received. Collecting information and drawing a design.
  • Development, layout, integration setup - website layout according to the adaptive version, programming, management system connection, uploading to the hosting, domain connection.
  • Content filling - includes filling all pages of the site, including product photos and videos.
  • Testing and debugging - this stage involves global testing and removal of bugs that may have occurred during the initial launch.
  • Launch and promotion - after the project is handed over to the customer, it is possible to promote it, as well as launch an advertising campaign.


What do you get when you order a turnkey catalog development from us?

When ordering a turnkey catalog site from OwlWeb Team, you don't have to worry, because you will get a fully functional resource that is ready for effective work.

Advantages of a catalog site by OwlWeb Team:

  1. Individual design and usability. OwlWeb Team developers guarantee that as a result, each client will be able to get a convenient and understandable interface of the catalog site, a unique, customized design that will definitely be remembered. At the planning stage, clients are offered to choose from the available layout options, which will be customized later.
  2. Convenient content management system (CMS) and high loading speed. The resource is provided with an intuitive content management system.
  3. The catalog site is fully adaptive for any device and is cross-browser compatible. The resource is quickly and correctly displayed on any mobile devices and personal computers. It can be loaded in any browser with minimal time.
  4. Integration with the CRM system. To optimize the processes of accounting for goods, integration with the CRM system is set up, which allows everyone to keep records of goods, customer base, etc.
  5. High-quality SEO optimization - optimization for search engines is performed immediately after the project launch and allows you to quickly reach the top of the search results for the main key queries. This, in turn, guarantees the attraction of new customers and an increase in the profitability of the project.
  6. Analytics and security - properly configured analytics allows you to assess the quality of traffic to the site, as well as analyze user behavior, demographics, and other important marketing data. An increased level of security is implemented in the web catalog, and access rights for different users are implemented.

The cost of creating a catalog site

You can order the development of a catalog site from OwlWeb Team, the price of which will please you. In general, the total cost of such a resource depends on a number of factors, such as the number of pages, complexity and originality of the design, the availability of additional functionality and integrated systems.


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