Development of a news portal

What is a news portal and why is it needed?

A news site is a multi-page resource that has a complex structure. It usually consists of a number of sections on specific topics where content is published daily. Creating a news site is a rather complicated task. What is the difficulty? The answer is in the details. For a portal of this type, it is important not only to create an expanded branch of sections, but also to think about optimization, to create conditions for successful promotion both in search engines and on social networks. After all, a large share of traffic to such resources comes from social media.

Creating a news site is not just about making a web resource with well-thought-out optimization and a user-friendly management system, you also need to choose a reliable hosting with sufficient memory. The media is a large-scale project where a large amount of content is published, including photos and videos.

There are different types of news portals that can be ordered from developers. Among them are the following:

  • International portals (websites of TV channels and news services).
  • Resources for regional media (news from one region is published).
  • Small thematic resources (sports, culture, business, etc.).

When developing an information website, various constructors and codes can be used, which are selected individually to meet the needs of each project. The structure, functionality, and design of such resources may differ.

What are the goals of creating a news portal?

The development of such a resource has the following goals:

  • Prompt presentation of information and its broadcast to the masses using various promotion channels.
  • News is published in real time.
  • Cost optimization. There is no need to spend money on print circulation. The cost of maintaining an online platform is much cheaper.
  • Huge audience reach, rapid dissemination of information within the desired target audience, the ability to conduct a detailed marketing analysis based on user reactions.

Website development for the media is one of the areas of activity of OwlWeb Team. We have extensive experience in this field. When you order a news portal from us, you can be sure that it will fully meet your expectations.

News site: access to a new audience and traffic monetization

The creation of the portal should be approached with all seriousness and responsibility, because it is not a personal blog, but a huge information resource that can influence the formation of public opinion in the future.

The OwlWeb Team approaches the creation of news-type web resources with the following points in mind: Clear, simple section structure.

  • The presence of a built-in search.
  • Convenient administration panel.
  • Modern web design without the use of templates.
  • Search engine optimization, connection of advertising tools.

When visiting such a resource, users will see a structured menu, a convenient search for materials, the ability to comment on posts, share them with friends, and leave reactions. Thus, the owners of the resource will have access to a new audience.

In turn, administrators will be able to quickly upload materials, taking into account a large amount of photo and video content, track traffic statistics, set up optimization and promotion tools, and add monetization.

The OwlWeb Team creates various types of websites that boast high traffic rates, excellent navigation, a user-friendly content management system, and monetization modules.

A news site is ideal for earning money in various ways: contextual advertising, affiliate banners, and links.

How do we work on developing information websites?

If you need to create a news portal, OwlWeb Team specialists are ready to help. The development of information portals is carried out according to the stages:

  1.  Planning and analysis. We necessarily conduct a series of consultations with the customer, where we listen to all the wishes and requirements, choose an effective implementation model.
  2. Design and prototyping. At this stage, we create a prototype of the structure of the future website, draw layouts, and work with content. We create an individual design taking into account the needs and wishes of the client.
  3. Development and layout. We make pages and adapt them to the needs of a particular information resource.
  4. Testing and debugging. We test all pages of the resource, track the visibility of the site on all known types of devices. We check for errors and place it on the hosting.
  5. Launch and promotion. We launch, optimize, promote news sites, and hand over the project to the client. We provide training on how to use the administrative panel.

What you get by ordering the development of an information portal from us

When ordering the development of a news site from OwlWeb Team, you are guaranteed to get the following benefits:

  1. Personalized approach for each client.
    Our team of professionals has many years of experience in developing resources of various kinds, including information portals.
  2. We work on a turnkey basis.
    This includes the full range of works from prototype development to final optimization, promotion, and connection of the necessary modules.
  3. Individual design.
    We draw a branded design. We do not use ready-made templates.
  4. Optimization and SEO promotion.
    We implement technical optimization and SEO promotion. The site is in the TOP of search results.

The cost of developing a news portal

What is the price of developing a news portal? The decisive factor in this question is the scale of the project. The cost is discussed individually in each case.


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