IT podcasts: our recommendations and selections.

Ukraine is becoming more and more famous as a country with a developed IT sector. This has led to an increase in the popularity of podcasts on the topic of IT, offered by Ukrainian experts. If you're looking for quality content to answer your questions about technology and the market, then these podcasts are for you.

DevZen Podcast

"DevZen Podcast" is one of the most popular Ukrainian IT podcasts. It is dedicated to talking about software, development, testing and other technical aspects of working in the IT sector. The hosts of the podcast - Ihor Mokhortov and Andriy Kucherenko - invite experts and leaders from various industries to their podcast to talk about what is happening in the IT world and what technical challenges it faces.

Rubyroid Labs Podcast

The Rubyroid Labs Podcast is a podcast by developers for developers. In this podcast, the hosts talk about their development experiences and share interesting stories from their professional lives. They also invite experts and developers to discuss technical challenges faced in the IT sector.

Kyiv Digital Talks

"Kyiv Digital Talks" is a Ukrainian podcast on digital technologies, business and marketing. He talks about the latest trends and innovations affecting the IT sector, as well as shares advice from experts in the field of marketing and business.

IT Banda

"IT Banda" is a Ukrainian podcast on the IT industry and open data. The presenters invite experts from the IT industry to discuss technical topics, new products and innovations, as well as problems faced by Ukrainian developers.

IT Weekend Show

"IT Weekend Show" is a weekly Ukrainian podcast on the topic of the IT industry, which tells about the latest news and trends in the world of technology. Presenters invite industry experts and leaders to discuss topics of interest to developers and IT professionals.

DevRel Ukraine Podcast

"DevRel Ukraine Podcast" is a Ukrainian podcast on the topic of interaction between developers and the community. The presenters invite experts and industry leaders to discuss topics related to the development of the IT community in Ukraine, as well as share their experience on how to effectively interact with developers and the community.

Tech People Ukraine

"Tech People Ukraine" is a Ukrainian podcast on careers in the IT industry. The presenters invite experts and professionals from the IT sector to discuss topics related to career development, mentoring, community relations and many other aspects related to working in the IT industry.

Our OwlWeb team listens to podcasts a lot, because it's a convenient way to get new and interesting information, meet new directions and people in the industry. If you haven't listened to podcasts yet, we sincerely advise you to try this method of gaining knowledge.