Logo design: Graphic designer VS online service - Pros and cons

Розробка логотипу огляд - фото

The visual identity of the company in looking at the logo plays the most important role in successful branding and in welcoming the middle of customers. When designing a logo, it can be immediately respected and remembered for a long time. If you get to the right to create a logo, there are two main approaches: hiring a graphic designer or using an online service to create a logo on your own. Offending options may have their pluses and minuses, and in this article we will look at their report.

Graphic designer:


  • Individual approach: A graphic designer is able to create a unique and original logo that fully corresponds to your company, its values and mission. It helps to stand out from the competition and create a strong brand.
  • Professional execution: Experience and knowledge of a professional designer guarantee high quality of work, correct selection of colors, fonts and composition. This helps create an aesthetically pleasing logo that is easy to read.
  • Changes and refinements: Working with a designer, you can make adjustments and changes during the logo design process to get the perfect result that reflects your vision.


  • Cost: The services of experienced graphic designers can be quite expensive, especially for small companies and startups with limited budgets.
  • Time: Creating a unique logo takes time and discussion, which can drag out the branding process.

Online services:


  • Accessibility: Online services provide an easy and affordable way to create a logo even for people with no design experience.
  • Speed: You can get your logo in minutes or hours, which is especially handy if you have limited design time.
  • Inexpensive: Compared to paying a professional designer, using online services is much cheaper.


  • Lack of uniqueness: Templates of online services can be used by many other companies, which reduces the originality and uniqueness of your logo.
  • Limited capabilities: Only the provided templates and tools are available to you, which can limit your creativity and ideas.
  • Quality: Logos created using online services often show signs of poor design and may not look professional.


The choice between a graphic designer and an online service depends on your individual needs and capabilities. If you have the opportunity and desire to invest in a quality and unique product, a graphic designer is your choice. It will help create a logo that emphasizes the uniqueness of your brand. To order professional logo design and find out the cost, follow this link.

However, if you are on a tight budget or need a logo with minimal investment of time, online services will provide you with a quick solution, but perhaps at the expense of uniqueness and a professional look. In any case, remember that the logo is an important element of your branding, and it is best to take your time with the choice to get a result that will serve your business for many years.