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    Development of a multifunctional corporate website, SEO - analysis and promotion.

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    Develop a corporate website for MK Dental clinic, in order to convey to potential clients comprehensive information about the clinic, its services, promotions and other offers, as well as to convert from potential to real clients of clinic.


    The site is developed on the CMS WordPress platform, on the basis of which we have created 7 dynamic sections and implemented a landing page constructor. We developed a universal stylish design, which include a multilevel menu, service registration form on each information page, an intuitive structure of categories and services. The admin panel includes tools to build internal SEO-optimization.

    Design is made in "Flat Design" style. Selected colour scheme was included to corporate style guide. Also we developed standardization of social communication visuals according to the whole style.

    The multilevel menu contains 7 dynamic sections:

    1. Categories
    2. Service
    3. Employee
    4. Before and after - developed individually for the site of MK Dental, through the constructor block on pages appears prices
    5. Frequently asked questions
    6. Feedback
    7. Price

    All these dynamic sections are linked to each other and display the most relevant content according to the page on which the user is.

    Examle 1: Feedback about the service

    Website is engineered in a way that feedback sets are controlled for each page separately. Therefore, the user sees high quality and useful content.

    Example 2: Doctors

    There is a separate page for each doctor and possibility to mark specialist for each service separately. As a result, it is clearly seen who will provide the service.

    We developed a constructor consisting of blocks.

    Blocks are created in unlimited quantities and any sequence.

    Thus, the client creates landing pages on his own and without problems can complement them with text-video-graphic information at any time.

    To learn more about the page designer, follow the link

    Learn more about page builder at the following link

    We achieved:

    • powerful page architecture - made them informative and beautiful.
    • service registration form on each page in the conversion block and implemented SEO -
    • module in the admin panel.
    • website is adapted for mobile and tablet devices
    • fast and optimized. To determine the website productivity, we rely on the online service Google Page Speed Insights

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