Website development with Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel is one of the best frameworks out there today, and it's rapidly evolving and improving. Laravel allows you to create websites of varying complexity with a logical architecture and structured code.

For what kind of web projects is the Laravel Framework used?

Laravel framework is flexible and versatile, ideal for creating non-standard and complex projects. Its functionality allows you to create websites with perfect architecture and structure considering all the wishes of the customer and the peculiarities of business. 

Laravel allows you to create not only simple but also complex multi-level projects. This framework is ideal for non-standard solutions, allowing to embed services for online interactions with visitors and providing fast page loading.

The main advantages of sites on Laravel

Flexible functionality. Any project built on Laravel has no limitations in the development and implementation of new ideas. This framework allows you to implement all types of non-standard products and tasks, to improve and develop them.
Versatility. Laravel framework is ideal for standard web resources and complex tasks creating multi-level resources, such as hybrid sites, voice-activated landings, portals with their forum, etc.
The smart way. Platform Laravel software solutions for the most unconventional ideas and be confident in the success of the planned project
Peak technology. Laravel is deservedly the most popular and in-demand framework worldwide because its functionality is constantly improving, developing, and adapting to the latest trends.
Easy operation. The system allows you to create an intuitive and unique administrative panel for each project. With its help, the customer can independently manage more than 95% of the functions of his web resource to promote and customize it.
Reliable protection and security. The protection mechanisms built into the framework, ensure the safety of the customer data. All internal information on the site is reliably protected from hacking, CSRF, SQL and XSS attacks.
Ability to scale the site. The framework allows expanding the functionality of the project and implementing the most complex functions. Thus we can realize the customers’ wishes, given the subtleties of business and the set tasks.
Performance. Creating a website from scratch will ensure the stability of your product and the high loading speeds of all its pages. Today Laravel framework provides the fastest web resources.
Automatic testing. Support for different project versions allows you to test any new features without creating additional versions. This testing does not damage the main version of the web resource and simplifies the implementation of new features.
Support for multilingualism. All content on the project can be localized for any number of languages. Users can independently choose the language they want to see a web resource in, though the language versions can be automatically displayed depending on the geolocation of the visitor.
Caching. The framework supports caching using different technologies, e.g., Redis, Memcached, etc., with the help of corresponding drivers and packages. By default, the file method is available to the user, which provides storage in the file system.


Stages of Laravel website development

01. Prototype development
02. Creation of a design concept
03. The layout and programming
04. Filling the site with content
05. Testing and launching the project

Order a website on Laravel from OwlWeb

OwlWeb team specializes in creating unique web products, solving complicated tasks daily, and embodying our customers’ boldest visions and wishes. Due to the framework, we can scale the site without limitation in functionality, making it the most exciting and attractive for your clients. We use Laravel for individual projects, businesses, startups, corporate resources, and portals. It would be perfect for an online store, an informational site, a one-page site, or a personal blog.

System design. Carbon Design System is an innovative system developed by IBM that allows you to create harmonious and complete design solutions.

Style. Swiss minimal design is a great solution for an online store, which is based on three components: simplicity, objectivity and conciseness.


від 3000$
from 1.5 months
Laravel + HTML/CSS + JS
від 4500$
from 2 months
Laravel + HTML/CSS + vue.js
від 1000$
from 1 months
WordPress + HTML/CSS + JS