Corporate website: why you need it and its functions

Why do you need a corporate website?

The main purpose of creating a corporate website depends on the type of activity, needs and desires of the company. But for any company, the following points of need for such a site can be identified:

  • information about the company, its values and mission;
  • a virtual office for employees;
  • attracting new customers;
  • maintaining virtually round-the-clock communication with customers;
  • business development by disclosing advantages among competitors;
  • advertising of existing goods or services;
  • studying the reaction to new types of goods;
  • search for employees to expand the staff;
  • a tool for conducting workflow by employees;
  • capturing a new niche;
  • entering the international market.

The list could go on, but let's focus on the main goals in detail.

What tasks does a corporate website solve?

Creating a company's image. Branding includes many aspects. And the development of a corporate website is one of the main ones. Earning an image in the modern business world is not easy. And such a site helps to create a corporate identity, show the professionalism and qualifications of employees. A well-designed web resource will help you build positive associations with your company's products, thereby earning credibility among customers and becoming competitive.
  • Establishing and expanding the client and partner base. A business website makes it possible to be in touch virtually 24/7, which undoubtedly significantly increases the influx of customers. Such a site also makes it possible to communicate with the company's consultant online, which also helps to establish contacts and expand the client base. The feedback form also contributes to the traffic of potential buyers or customers.
  • A reliable tool for employees. With the help of such a platform, all employees of the company are always in touch, even when they are out of the office. The tools help everyone to do their job: a supervisor can report changes in work, an employee can upload a completed task, a manager can observe and adjust processes. In other words, it is essentially a "virtual office" that allows you to fully function at a distance, which is an indispensable tool in today's realities.
  • Increase in sales. Usually, a corporate website is not focused on sales. But it is a flexible form of presenting goods or services online. And if there is a need for it, sales from a corporate website is quite acceptable. Alternatively, a web resource can be adapted for B2B to attract partners and further interact with them.
  • Attracting new employees. A business website can save you money and time on posting recruitment ads. It is enough to post the requirements for candidates in the appropriate section and wait for applications.
  • What are the types of corporate websites?

    There are several types of business websites, depending on the tasks and goals set by the company.

    A business card site. It is the simplest type of corporate web resource. This type of website can even be a single page or consist of several pages. It contains brief information about the company itself, contact details, a feedback form, and information about the company's products. This type of corporate website is suitable for young companies that are just starting out, or have just decided on a niche in business, know their target audience, or are just starting to study the market.

    A business card website can develop and expand in sync with the company's growth. If necessary, new sections, tabs, or additional pages can be gradually added to such a business site.

    A corporate catalog site. This is a rather large web resource that displays the widest possible information about the company's products and is characterized by a large number of pages, sections and categories. The purpose of such a sample corporate website is to provide information about the products or services provided by the company.

    A catalog site is ideal for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers who produce or sell many types of products.

    This version of a corporate website has a number of advantages: the convenience of viewing each specific item, detailed descriptions, ease of management for updating information, ordering or receiving additional information through the feedback form.

    Corporate information portal. This type of corporate portal is not designed for sales. They are intended to provide educational or informational information. They are used to create communities of interest. As a rule, these are webinars, trainings, courses on any topic, lessons, or even scientific articles. 

    They are suitable for companies that offer training services. You can post demo versions of courses on the information portal, offering to purchase the full range of full-fledged materials in the future.

    Promo site. A type of corporate website that is intended exclusively for advertising. Its purpose is to inform customers about the latest information about the company. Such a website contains information about changes in the company, discount weeks, sales, new collections, etc.

    What should be on a corporate website?

    It's up to the company to decide what content to place on a corporate website and how many sections it will have. There are no mandatory requirements for a corporate website, but it is advisable to take into account that in order to make it pleasant for the visitor to browse the materials, it is worth considering the aesthetics of the design, proper and convenient functionality, multilingualism, adaptation for mobile devices, etc. There can be any number of sections or tabs, but there should be mandatory tabs that will reveal and show the company to the maximum extent possible. Therefore, it is advisable to have the following sections:

    • information about the company: history of its establishment, achievements and successes;
    • information about the company's managers and employees;
    • products manufactured or offered by the company with their full description;
    • information for attracting partners;
    • certificates and documentation;
    • company news;
    • if possible, the process of manufacturing products;
    • customer reviews;
    • a blog with useful information for a potential buyer.

    The importance of corporate websites

    As we have already established that a corporate website is an important component of the company's image, you should pay due attention to its development. A well-designed corporate website structure is a single resource that contains all the necessary functions for communication, communication and cooperation of all company employees, continuous communication with existing clients, presentation of the company's product to a potential client, attraction of new partners and excellent advertising for the company.

    The only difficulty is the technical design of the corporate website. Today there are many offers to create this type of web resource. But among all the variety, our team has a number of advantages in developing a corporate website. We are a team of professionals who have already developed algorithms of actions, but each completed project is unique.