What is included in the cost of creating a turnkey online store?

What is the creation of a turnkey online store?

The creation of a turnkey online store is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to launch their business in the online space quickly and efficiently. This service offers the customer a turnkey solution that includes website development and design, integration of the necessary functional modules, setting up a payment and delivery system, and further support.

What is included in the price of creating a turnkey online store?

If you want to create an online store that will exactly meet your expectations and business needs, you need a turnkey e-commerce website development. This process includes many stages and criteria, each of which is important for the success of your online business. Let's consider the main factors that determine the cost of creating an online store:

  • Prototyping
    At this stage, we analyze the specifics of your business and market requirements to determine the structure and functionality of your future website. We create an optimal action plan that takes into account all the features.
  • Design
    Your website should be not only functional but also attractive to users. Our team develops a unique design that matches your brand and attracts the attention of your target audience.
  • Wide functionality
    We create the most convenient ways to manage content, shopping cart, search and filter products. This helps you attract more customers and increase the conversion rate of your online store.
  • Integrations
    Your website should be ready to interact with various services and systems. We integrate payment systems, CRM systems, APIs of marketplaces and delivery services to make your business as efficient and convenient as possible for customers.

All these criteria are taken into account when forming the total price of a turnkey e-commerce website. We work with the individual needs and requirements of each client to create an effective online space for your business. Each stage of development plays an important role in achieving this goal.

Why a turnkey e-commerce website development service is profitable!

The development of a turnkey trading platform is not just the creation of a website, it is a whole range of activities that covers all stages from initial consulting to further support. The advantages of this approach are worth mentioning:

  • A comprehensive solution
    The customer receives a full package of services from professionals in one place. There is no need to look for separate specialists to develop banners, design, programming, integrations, etc.
  • Saving time and money
    The customer saves time and money because he pays for the entire package of services at a fixed price, avoiding the need to conclude separate contracts with different specialists.
  • Effective communication
    The client communicates with only one team or project manager, which simplifies communication and management of the development process.
  • Quality assurance
    Since the development takes place in one company, the customer can expect a single quality standard at all stages of work.
  • Comprehensive support
    After the development is completed and the store is launched, the customer can receive support and maintenance services, which simplifies the further conduct of business on the Internet.
Our experience and professionalism allow us to create websites that become a powerful tool for business development in the online environment. Entrust the creation of your online store to us, and we will ensure its successful launch and long-term development.

How much does an online store on WordPress cost? Risks of cheapness and low quality

WordPress is a popular platform for turnkey online stores, and its price attracts many entrepreneurs. However, the low cost can hide serious drawbacks.

One of the main disadvantages of WordPress is performance. When using a lot of plugins and themes, a WordPress site can become slow and inefficient. This can negatively affect the user experience and lead to the loss of customers.

The limited functionality is also worth mentioning. Unlike specialized solutions such as Laravel or Shopify, WordPress does not always have the necessary tools for effective management. This can create problems when scaling a business or implementing complex business processes.

The cost of an online store on Laravel: Why the high price is justified

Laravel is a powerful framework for creating web applications in the PHP programming language. Speaking about the advantages of Laravel, it is worth mentioning:
  1. High code validity
    The framework offers clean and structured code, which makes it easier for developers to understand and maintain. This makes website development and maintenance more efficient and less error-prone.
  2. Fast page loading
    Laravel's caching and query optimization system allows you to speed up the loading of website pages, which positively affects the user experience and increases conversion.
Despite the high technical capabilities and advantages of the platform, the cost of creating an online store on Laravel can be higher than on other platforms. This is due not only to the complexity of development on this technology, but also to the high level of qualification of specialists who have experience with Laravel. In the end, the high price is justified by the quality and professionalism that are ensured when developing an online store on this platform.

If reliability, security and high performance of your online store are important to you, then you should pay attention to Laravel as the best solution for your business.

How to order an online store in OwlWeb

Developing a functional, up-to-date, and user-friendly online store is not an option, it is a necessity if you are interested in succeeding in the market. By offering your customers a convenient online store created according to your needs, you guarantee a high-quality user experience and, as a result, customer loyalty. In this case, the effectiveness of the site will directly depend on the qualifications of the specialists who create it, and believe us - we have something to offer you.

If you are ready to leave your competitors behind, strive to achieve conversion growth, and want to order a turnkey online store, leave a request on our website. Entrust the creation of a turnkey online store to OwlWeb specialists.