Why do you need a framework and how to choose it

Framework - розробка сайту фото

Every website or any other digital product can be created by writing clean code from scratch, but in today's world this is not often practiced, except for some unique cases. Ready-made solutions, site builders, i.e. frameworks, are usually used to create websites. They allow you not to spend a lot of time on daily inventing a new solution, but to focus on the details, functionality and uniqueness of the finished product.

What is a framework?

The framework is a ready-made solution for website development and creation. The whole stage of creating a digital product can be compared to building a house. Before buying building materials, you need to develop a building project, choose the type of foundation, roof, etc. At this stage, you can use ready-made drawings, concepts, and based on them create a unique house with your own layout and design.

The framework works in the same way. It allows you to simplify the entire process of development and programming of the site, build its logic, ensure smooth operation of the database, create a user registration mechanism, etc.

Framework - розробка сайту фото

Why do you need frameworks?

Frameworks are used to create web applications and sites from scratch. Frameworks are suitable both for simple sites and for programming multifunctional corporate web products with complex logic and diverse functionality.

Modern frameworks make it possible to program and develop software, various applications and applications. Thanks to frameworks, you can get a high-quality frame, the basis for the future site. They are suitable for quick implementation of almost any, even extremely complex, idea of the customer with non-standard functionality.

What types of frameworks are classified

Backend frameworks

Backend frameworks - ensure stable operation of the site or web application, work on the server side. Allows you to create website pages, work with a database, upload content, etc. Examples of backend framework forks:

  • Laravel (PHP)
  • Django (Python)

Frontend frameworks and libraries

Their area of responsibility is the appearance of the site and all its pages, their identical display in different browsers and devices. They allow you to work and create animations, interactive and interesting interfaces. We use Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Angular, React and CSS frameworks (Bootstrap and Foundation) in our work.

Fullstack frameworks

Their feature is the ability to work both on the client side and on the server side. Examples of full-stack frameworks:

  • Next.js (based on React, provides server-side and third-party rendering)
  • Meteor (JavaScript)

Architecture of frameworks

It is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern used to separate application data and logic into three separate parts: the data model, the user interface, and the control module.

Advantages of frameworks in web development

Unlike writing code from scratch, the framework allows you to create and launch a website faster and significantly reduce its cost to the customer.

Please note that using a framework will in no way make your product banal and standardized. The OwlWeb team can fulfill all your wishes and create a truly unique and modern product with the functionality and design you need.

The main advantages of frameworks:

  • eliminate the need to program and write code every time when creating another web product;
  • help speed up the site development process;
  • make it possible to implement the main functionality of the website;
  • reduce the cost of the finished Internet product;
  • help manage, change and expand the site in the future.

What is the difference between a library and a framework?

Unlike the Framework, the library does not define the architecture of the program, cannot provide interaction between its components. The library has certain sets of functions that can only solve some tasks. For example, it can be work with dates, time, file system, etc.
When working with the Framework, the control of the web product is inverted. It is the framework, not the user, that determines when to call user functions.

Frameworks are convenient tools without which in today's world it is impossible to imagine the processes of programming and creating web products. The most popular and one of the most functional PHP frameworks is Laravel. It is characterized by wide and convenient functionality and a high level of security. Thanks to the various functionality, Laravel gives developers a certain freedom in creating sites, allows you to develop really trendy and modern products.
Specialists of the OwlWeb team will advise you and help you create a website that will turn your ideas and wishes into reality.