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    Development of E-Commerce website for modular paintings selling with the functionality of goods constructor (paintings) and multilingual platform.

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    To develop an online store with a multilingual platform. The main feature is the functionality of the admin panel and site in general. Create a convenient system for goods creation, forming a mock-up for printing according to size and painting pattern, minimizing the image weight on the website, user-friendly interface, focus on the product and its appearance in the interior, convenient filters products and catalogue.


    OwlTeam created an adaptive website based on the Laravel framework and developed a universal interior constructor, modular paintings constructor, pattern builder. Also, we automated product cards publication, set product cards characteristics. We created a new design and elaborated the speed and optimization.

    Artstock project is individual development. It refers to E-Commerce and web services, as there are elements of both types.

    The main essence of the project is to create goods (mock-ups for printing) on the basis of prepared graphics (patterns and interiors).

    Product, one picture, is cut into N number of patterns (example: 10 patterns). Each pattern has minimum five sizes.

    Next for each pattern is generated from 5 interiors.

    Thus, at least 250 products can come out of one picture.

    Development of site’s technical part

    In new admin panel we developed:

    • pattern builder
    • interior constructor
    • modular paintings constructor
    • calculation of ratio of the image size in px and cm
    • the output function for calculating the size of the modular panels pictures
    • Tools for order management.

    Pattern builder allows you to create patterns with multiple ratio and size, different shapes, figures. From patterns create subsidiary patterns, which allows to structure patterns, for example, by proportions.

    The interior constructor allows creating interiors for paintings demonstration, for different forms of patterns of each size, taking into account the approximate size of the room. So buyer will exactly know how picture with certain size will look like in a specified room.

    One interior can be used to display different patterns.

    Once the interiors are created in the range for all patterns, they are automatically generated with the goods according to the appropriate pattern and size.

    After collecting all patterns and interiors to them, admin has only to download the goods, choose the appropriate patterns for them, which will automatically generate with the interiors. This how goods constructor works.

    Розробка лицьової частини сайту

    OwlTeam has developed a unique design, focusing on nearest competitors and unique functionality of painting constructor. Rich and flexible home page.

    We provided 8 types of blocks to fill the homepage with content. Blocks can be added in unlimited quantities, set a sort order for each or temporary hide it from the front of website or delete the block completely.

    Конструктор картин для користувачів сайту

    A similar painting for sale constructor we developed for users. Thus, the buyer uploads his photo and gains the access to all panels shapes and their sizes for paintings for sale. User has a possibility to see how his work will look in the interior.

    The constructor for users is developed for desktop and mobile versions separately.

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