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Зображення – Вебконсалтинг від OwlWeb.Team

What is a web consulting?

Web consulting is consulting from a specialist on various issues such as development, functioning, graphic design, SEO promotion of websites.

The essential purpose of web consulting:

Web consulting is to optimize the work of the site and its promotion in the network. Specialists assess the usability, graphic design, structure, navigation, carry out SEO analysis, help improve its visibility in search engines. During the consultation, the specialist finds errors, bugs, shortcomings and gives recommendations for their elimination. 

With web consulting, you can determine the website you need, think through the details, analyze competitors and the target audience. Professional consulting helps effectively and efficiently set up business processes and create a site with a high conversion rate. 

Image – The main goal of web consulting from OwlWeb.Team

Who needs web consulting?

Web consulting will be helpful for clients who want to order website development from scratch and those who already have a web resource that needs analysis and optimization of work. You need web consulting if:

  • You need a website, and you plan to order its development. In this case, the consultant will develop a strategy for the web resource creation and development, make recommendations on creating its structure, navigation, design, and help determine the most appropriate type of site. Also, during the consultation, he carries out an analysis of direct competitors and identifies the target audience. 
  • You already have a website and problems with its promotion, visibility, attendance, conversion, etc. In this case, it is necessary to carry out a technical or SEO analysis by checking usability. 
  • You had a negative experience with the contractors for the website development, and you are dissatisfied with the result. Our experienced specialists will help you find and correct existing errors, as well as maximize the optimization of your website. 

Why do you need web consulting?

Website strategy development. We identify the customer needs and analyze its target audience and direct competitors.
Recommendations for the website structure and navigation.
Creation of a design specification. Terms of reference are necessary for design development. During the work, consider all the requirements, the wishes of the client, the specifics of his business.
Elaboration of website usability requirements. It includes recommendations for improving the website usability and user interface ergonomics. The consultant identifies and describes the difficulties visitors may encounter during the use of the website.
Task assignment for website optimization. We provide reasoned recommendations to optimize the functionality, design, and usability and prescribe them for developers.
Consultations on site type selection. We choose CMS and define what functions should be on a site and an administrative panel.

Who will work on your project?

Benefits of web consulting from OwlWeb:

01. Individual approach and professionalism
02. Complexity
03. Efficiency
04. Web support
05. Сonfidentiality