Company of small batch plastic molding "Marabu"

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Development of a multilingual corporate website, a subtype of service catalogue and portfolio.

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To create a corporate website for «Marabou» company, a manufacturer of small plastic products, in order to convey to potential client comprehensive information about the company, its services and examples of products, as well as to convert from potential to real clients.


We create a multilingual adaptive website based on the WordPress CMS and developed separate pages with services and products, 4 types of feedback form, the calculator of future product cost. For easy output of content and various design of services, products and blog pages we created a toolkit that includes 7 dynamic sections and 10 types of constructor blocks.

Prototype and design

At the first stage of work, we determined with the structure of the website and made prototypes, on the basis of which the design was built.

The design is simple and intuitive for user - only client-oriented blocks.

The homepage greets user with a brief description of the company's activities in conversion block and encourages to calculate the future product cost and also displays 3 Services to attract users attention.

Simple and unobtrusive design is diluted with easy animated elements when loading the page.

According to the tasks, our team made one or more types of feedback forms on each page, together with a unique form for calculating the product cost on the price page.

It was important for the customer to integrate 3D photos on gallery page.


During the coding stage we configured multilingualism in admin panel and implemented a SEO-plugin that allows admin to install metadata on any page without participation of developer.

During the development we worked closely with SEO-specialists and took into account their recommendations.

Thus we created a multi-level website, which contains 7 dynamic sections:

Dynamic sections

Dynamic sections reduce admins time and effort to fill it, because there is an opportunity to move information in admin panel between sections, rather than re-entering it.

Learn more about all convenience of this functionality at the following link

Page Constructor

OwlTeam also created a page constructor for convenience of filling pages with information and giving service pages uniqueness. It is linked with dynamic sections, which allows you to display information on pages anywhere.

Constructor blocks can be added in any number and in any sequence.

Description of all page constructor features you can found out in the article «…» by following the link

Adaptability and optimization

We always adapt websites to tablets and mobile devices, as well as optimize them.

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