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  • SEO - website promotion and optimization
  • UI/UX Design
  • Frontend

Prototyping and creating designs of all gas and electricity purchase service processes.

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To design a convenient service for the purchase of energy resources in accordance with the current requirements of the law and business processes of the company


Developed the design and programmed the functionality of the face-to-face website to attract new users to the purchase and presentation of the benefits of cooperation.
We have designed a step-by-step process of joining and servicing customers through a personal account, from authorization to full customer service, incl. electronic signature of documents, invoicing for consumed energy resources and contact center.

Each project begins with a briefing by the Customer. Then there is a long and important process of selecting references. Structuring all the PROs and CONS of the entire working group to determine the development course.

After that, the designer developed a prototype of the Main page with transitions. After approval by the Customer and taking into account the wishes, the page for the desktop version is drawn in the final version.

Дві кольорові гами

A simple and clear technique for internal pages to differentiate energy resources (yellow symbolizes electricity, blue - gas). Depending on the location of the user, the color scheme changes. This technique is also used in the customer's offices.

The visuals on the pages are graphic, developed individually for the project, they are also decorated with color accents according to the context - gas or electricity.

Within a minute, the user is visually oriented.

Мобільна версія сайту

It was developed taking into account the fact that the audience of the site is business, who understand web products and actively use them, as well as ordinary citizens of Ukraine who do not use a computer or mobile device perfectly. The entire interface is uniquely adapted for mobile, tablet and computer devices.

Ціни для бізнесу і населення

Two separate subdivisions with prices for the population and business have been implemented. In the section for business, an online calculator has been developed that accepts online prices for gas and electricity, thus demonstrating the actual advantages of connecting to the supply of energy resources.

Legislative base

The legislative base contains all the regulatory documents according to which the company is the official supplier of gas and electricity throughout Ukraine. Through the administrative panel, we have full control over each document, which can be as pdf, doc, xls, jpg, png or links to government regulations (sites).

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