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  • UI/UX Design
  • Backend
  • Frontend

Development of a corporate website a subtype of an information portal from design to placement on the customer's host

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Develop an informational portal for the publication of text and graphic content, with convenient management tools and interaction with social networks, as well as integrate the site with the customer's tournament system.


According to the corporate style of the Snooker Federation of Ukraine, was developed a harmonious, animated and lively design, more than 10 dynamic sections and page constructor adapted to the tasks of the site. The website is developed on CMS WordPress, adapted to different devices, optimized and meets the objectives.

First of all, prototypes were created to show the client how the future site will work. After all, it is difficult to imagine such an amount of dynamics without visualization.

Next - design. The designer created a variety of bright colours palette, which made the design as harmonious as possible.

The whole website is filled with moving elements as a reflection of the game itself. All anima-tions created using CSS3. The example shows an animation element of the first screen of homepage, the other pages provide a parallax effect for banners, and the preview items are given the effect of appearing from below.

Blocks on the homepage are quick transitions and the most up-to-date target information from all over the website.

There is no static on the homepage, all blocks are automatically updated with new information when added by the administrator to sections.


During the programming stage, we have provided:

  • Integration with Facebook and Twittersocial networks, Telegram messenger and YouTube channel. Set up a repost on Facebook. As a result: project social activity increased.
  • Development of more than 10 dynamic sections in the admin panel. These sections are filled once, then the information is used on the programmed pages or manually by ad-ministrator through the constructor blocks.
  • Development and improvement of additional blocks of page constructor according to client's wishes.

Page constructor

We have provided a page constructor consisting of blocks.

We developed 19 types of blocks that can be added to the page in any number and any order.

About "Strength" and uniqueness of our page constructor, you can learn at the following link

We always adapt all sites to different devices. As a result, - is the most technol-ogical website, which reports snooker news in Ukraine.

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